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About Us

Baseball Inspired

This site is for everyone who breathes in the memories of diamond days and says, “this is sacred, and this is home.”  We built this site for you.  Each photo is completely original, and hand placed on every item.  We want our products to inspire you, remembering the joy, hope, and promise that baseball is for all of us.  

Baseball is the story of America, through all her flaws and all her glory.  It is a place where 90 feet represents perfection, and crazy, quirky outfield walls are beautiful. It is a space where red clay and green grass are more than colors, they’re feelings.  It is a game where sixty-feet-six-inches is a metaphor for every challenge we face in life.  It is a contest where we measure a player’s heart by the dirt on their uniform.  It is a community where our biggest heroes are larger than life, even though some of them are deeply flawed.  It is a history that gave us Ruth and Cobb and Robinson and Clemente, but also deGrom, Jeter, Granderson, Trout, and Ng.

Baseball is the story of two childhoods - the one we lived and the one we’re still living.  We were the kids in the backyard or down at the lot, shagging flies on summer evenings until the sun went down and you couldn’t see the ball anymore.  We were the kids who taped our bats and repaired our baseballs by hand.  We slept with our glove under our pillow just to break it in.  We had a catch with a parent or a sibling or a friend or a neighbor, and for a few wonderful moments the world went away and baseball was all that mattered.

Baseball is also the story of today, catching our breath as we take in the majesty of a major league stadium.  It’s walking through the grand concourse and touching the pennants of our team’s greatest players.  It’s hot dogs and pretzels and team gear and ice cream.  It’s the heartbreak of strike three, and the roar of the crowd watching the ball sail over the fence.  And if we’re really lucky, it’s a walk through the hallowed halls of Cooperstown feeling the whispers of the greatest who ever wore cleats.  It’s time with family and the people we love.  The pandemic may have disrupted a season, but never our passion for the game.

Batter up!  Play ball!